WordTrip: Word Swipe Puzzles App Reviews

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I love this game!! I’m totally assessed with it!!! Can’t leave it alone!!

Love it

Helping me improve my spelling and conversations


Great game. Fast and user friendly

Memory issues?

This may help. Relaxing, soothing, and helps improve memory & word usage

Susan R Marsh

Great App for helping to build your vocabulary !

Fun game

A challenge!


I love the game. It challenges me.

Good puzzle game

Fun and relaxing while traveling.

Fun & challenging

This game is so much fun It is addictive

Word trip is my new favorite!

Addicted😍 Skizzy Tina


Can not connect to Facebook to get help from friends it was when I started to play

FUN Word App

I enjoy this word game. Helps pass the Witching hour of 3 AM to .3:30 AM.

WordTrip Fun

We are enjoying this game very much! Areal learning experience, ThankYou!

Great Brain Game

Makes you think and learn at the same time. Fun game!

Word trip

Love playing word games

Word Trip

Word Trip is a bit frustrating. It does not recognize many legitimate words.


Fun but challenging

Word Trip

Really enjoy having this game. No time limit so you can stop and restart with no problem. Keeps your mind working. Great game


Great fun

Word trip

Love this!!!

Fun and makes you think !

Good use of your brain and will entertain you.

Great Game!

I give this game 5 Stars


Ver educational

Super fun

Enjoy playing this game daily.

Great Challenging Game

Word Trip is a super exciting game leaving you challenged and awaiting the next word adventure every time you travel rack puzzle!!!

This game...

I love it!

Nice app

Great app... like it a lot.




Good game for keeping the brain active. Enjoy.

Odd words

I am very well read but have never encountered some of the words in the games.

Not the game advertised

Supposed to be a timed game according to the ad I watched. Instead, it’s the same as Wordscapes and two more I already play.

Love it! Can’t stop playing it!

Can’t stop playing


Love this game

Doesn’t recognize many words

Very frustrating when common words such as ear, dear, and many others, are not recognized as words! Whoever designed this game needs an English language dictionary.

Word tip is fun

So many words to make out of a few letters! 😃


Great game

Need more clues for it to be fun!

Linda j

Love this game

Favorite game

Love it!!

Totally addictive!!!

Coach K

Great exercise for keeping mind sharp! Waste all my gold coins guessing at words that I have never encountered.

Excellent game

Extremely educational


Great game

Mrs. Me.

Brain exerciser

World Trip

I like playing World Trip. It a fun game and it makes you us your brain

Word trip so addictive

Great app!

I enjoy the game. It’s not boring.

Besoin de Livres

Fun time

I can’t stop playing this game. It’s great.

5 Star

I am having so much fun

Word up

If you love playing with words, you’re going to get addicted to Words Up.


Very enjoyable game and keeps the mind working!

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