WordTrip: Word Swipe Puzzles App Reviews

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I love word games and this one challenges me.

There are time is very hard challenging but love it.

5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Learn words through it.

Fun and addictive!

This games keeps your mind stimulated. Love it and can’t stop.

Super fun

I like this game because you can learn new words you never knew and you can refresh your mind about other words and it’s super fun.

It’s doable

So many of these games use ridiculous words. This one uses words people use. I love it.


Love to discover fun words. Very relaxing!!

Never bored

Fun and time consuming never bored with this game

Love it

Best game for me!

Word trip

Love this game. Keeps my mind alert


Lots of fun...

Rating word trip

It’s amusing to kill time playing a word game. However it’s incredibly frustrating to have valid words rejected & have other bogus words hold up finishing a puzzle

Love it

Love this game


Great game

Good Game

Word Lists are incomplete; repetitive. Acceptable words for some lists are not accepted in others. Can be frustrating, but also challenging.

Ms. Johnson

Love it


Love this game!! There are some issues. 1. I would like to know how many credits I have earned or purchased at all times. 2. What’s with the “sometimes we use plurals annnddd...sometimes we uh... don’t” Thank you for your consideration.


The update is whack..... I really wish I could change the format bc it isn’t cute like it used to be (wow, that was such a fun on, but oh well, I thought y’all should know 🤷🏽‍♀️)


A fun challenging game

Nice app

Great app...



Installed word jam

Did not get my 100 coins 😖😖😖😖😖


Whoever put this together left out a whole bunch of valid words- there continues to be a problem with a significant number of valid words not credited or done so inconsistently. Also, some of the words are no longer used or are archaic versions, which means flat out guessing.


Very enjoyable game and keeps the mind working!

Play game

Love making words it’s a fun puzzle.


I love this game!!! Can’t get enough. I’m addicted

Word trip


Word Trip

I like the game alot. It's fun. It challenges me too. Thank you 😊. Still playing Word Trip. Giving it a 5 Star Rating. My favorite Word Game. Thank you dear Friends. 🌸Thank you for a great word game. Been playing for a while. I never get bored. 5 Stars ✨ blessings to all. 🎖 Still playing Word Trip. Keeps my brain active. 5 Star ⭐️ rating. Look forward to playing daily. Thankful and blessings 🦋

Better free options

Game could be fun but if you’re stuck... you can only get a few spins every hour. Need more free options to get a letter.


Good game, but will not play as one on different platforms; I.e. iPhone and ipad. 4 - 5 otherwise.

Fun Game That Is Not Mindless

Sometimes I need a game that IS mindless, just for a break. This is a fun little game that requires you let out the clutch on the ole noggin.

Workout for the brain

This game really made me think. I really enjoy it. Julie67


This a great game to play with your family, it’s fun and brings you together and makes you think and laugh.


You really travel the world. Keeps your brain sharp while learning new words. Very challenging

Don’t give you extra coins

When you click on the free coin and watch the video it don’t give you the coins

Love it

Great for the minds!!!

Word addiction

Love it! Highly addictive, keeps the mind working and thinking! Good fun and I’ve learned so many new words!


The games or amazing.

Fun challenge

Good times

Not Happy

I loved this game, though I hated the way the hints were done. But now...it is not pleasing to look at and choices have been limited. May be dropping this one soon. And by the way, it would be nice to see the reviews in chronological order, newest first. Geesh!



Great game

Love this word game!!! Very entertaining and easy to use!!

Great Game

I can’t seem to stop playing. This is now my go to game for idle time.

Great game


No competition

This was advertised as a competitive game. I’ve played dozens of levels, but it is still just single player.


Some of the words may be difficult in between levels. But eventually you’ll get the hang of it.


Ver educational


Fun game

Word Trip


Fun easy game

Fun easy game

Word Trip

I love this game!!

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